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Technology I love that makes a difference in my life

I love technology and want to share with you five pieces of technology- software and hardware- that make a difference in my life.

1. Water flossing: I have to admit I never flossed everyday before buying the water flosser. After I bought the Waterpik (picture on right) I enjoy flossing and have not missed flossing a single day. This product not only has made flossing efficient but my dental hygiene has improved too.

2. Vacuum cleaning robot: Vacuuming can be boring and the Roomba takes care of my all my vacuuming needs - both hardwood and carpet without me having to be present. This product does an excellent job though it does have a few drawbacks specially in the area of smarter navigation which I hope get addressed in the next generation products.

3. iPhone: This is definitely my favorite piece of technology. Its ease of use and the many applications it offers  make it my favorite.

4. Bluetooth enabled Mini Cooper: I love the Mini Cooper- iPhone integration. I can call anyone using the circular dashboard that has all my contacts and use the controls on the steering wheel to connect or disconnect calls. I can't wait to have a GPS integrated into the car soon.

5. Facebook: I am a Facebook addict. This service provides instant emotional gratification. The emotional equity shared among family and friends through stories, pictures and videos is its greatest asset.

Dear Readers, please share your favorite gadgets. I would love to try it out if I haven't already and would love to know why you love it so much.

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  1. I enjoyed your blog post.

  2. Now you got me dying to try the water flosser… have to get my husband the gadget junkie hooked onto it! :-)

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