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My MBA Internship

I recently wrapped up my summer internship at HealthCrowd, a telehealth startup. You would use HealthCrowd to  connect with holistic practitioners such as nutritionists and therapists using its online telehealth platform. Basically, it's Skype with patients on one side and a bunch of doctors on the other side (though the vision is much more than this) thus making healthcare more convenient  and accessible than in-clinic consultations for specific health issues. I learned a lot from my first experience in online marketing and healthcare after having spent 4 years in technology and consulting. Two aspects of this concept make total sense to me. First, the use of technology to treat specific diseases makes healthcare convenient and accessible and reduces the dependence on traditional channels. Second, the greater vision aims to use the wisdom of crowds to provide actionable recommendations to given symptoms.  As with all startups HealthCrowd needs to overcome certain challenges to be successful. The biggest challenge is to gain trust of patients seeking treatment. Would you pay HealthCrowd for a teleconsultation? Only time will tell.

HealthCrowd: Inspiring Enduring Health

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