My Portfolio CX Measurement Program: Monitoring and improving the voice of our customers

I rolled out our Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Experience (CX) Measurement Program in August 2013 with the consumer (people who use our coupons) audience initially. In 2014 it extended to our clients (people who put the coupons on our site like Kraft and P&G) and publishers (bloggers who add our coupons on their site for a share of the revenue). We have gathered feedback from our initial round on measuring loyalty and satisfaction and have an action plan to listen and act on customer feedback. “We’re Listening” is one way we communicate with our consumers to let them know what we’re doing to address their concerns. I can discuss in detail if we meet on how we prioritize this feedback and what is our approach to address customer feedback. Help Center: Improving support efficiency and customer satisfaction

Before the new help center (bottom right image) had a one page FAQ sheet (top right image) for consumers to help resolve their issue. It was static content that was updated once in a few months as it required engineering effort to push the updates to production.

I spearheaded the design and execution of the new Help Center and it has the following benefits:

Improved case deflection: “Ask Sam” is an avatar to help with case deflection. Consumers could search or browse articles and if they didn’t find what they wanted they could “Ask Sam”. Sam would eventually get them in touch with a support agent but before she did that she would ask a few questions and show some articles that could help consumers resolve their issue.

Improved customer support efficiency: Maintaining the Help Center was extremely easy. Support agents now spent less than 10% of their time updating content and could send consumers to self resolve via the help articles. They were now in control as the reporting gave them insights into what content got more views and higher satisfaction (via consumer ratings of articles).

Improved customer satisfaction: Better organization of data based on product categories helps consumers find information faster. Plus, addition of a search field and related searches further improves findability. The biggest jump in satisfaction was related to improved content. Customers were delighted by the image heavy content. Step-by-step instructions with pictures made it easy  for consumers to resolve their issues.

CVS Photo Center: Increasing revenue by 42% by improving the online photo experience by 44%

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