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Help me improve my blog

I'm trying to improve my blog and have hosted a very short survey (4 questions, 5 mins to complete) that gets displayed when you arrive on my blog. Please complete the survey and I promise to share results both good and bad. I will use your invaluable feedback to improve my blog. I'm already getting wonderful feedback. Thanks dear readers!

"It was direct to the point I was looking for and not too much wasted words."

"I was doing research on an article, I came upon it accidentally and found it great."

"only part of information required provided" ---> thanks for the comment but it would have been great if you told me which part was missing.

Looking forward to reading more comments!!

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Introducing my son, Zahan

Dear Readers, I would like to share some very exciting news. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 12th. His name,  Zahan, is a Persian name and it means the world.  I look forward to the exciting times we will share and will keep you posted on major milestones. I will write one post this month instead of two so please return next month for more posts.

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