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Mobile Trends: Part 2 of 2

The Silicon Valley Innovation Summit 2012 showcased some exciting mobile startups. Some of them are listed below:

Moxie: Tom Kelley, President and CEO introduced his company as a communication/collaboration space that helps companies connect with their customers through Moxie's channels such as email, chat, phone, etc. It is growing at 40% and what differentiates Moxie from other communication spaces is the management of internal and external communication to build a repository of business intelligence.

BAMMTV: Chris Hansen, CEO introduced BAMM TV as a music startup that is creating, distributing and monetizing music of HD quality content for 3 yrs. After investigating the platform, we can say it is different form other music startups as it does not need major label licensing as the artists are not famous and upload their own music. Profit is shared 50-50 between BAMM TV and the artists. BAMM TV also has global distribution rights.

Infinigraph: Chase McMichael, CEO compared Infinigraph to comScore and Nielsen – it identifies which customers are most relevant and helps in content marketing intelligence and how much content to create. Some of its customers as seen in the examples below have used Infinigraph to identify what content engages their customers and when (time of day/day of week) is it most engaging.

My Life: Jeff Tinsley, CEO introduced My Life as an online identity management tool to manage all personal and professional connections. It also finds new connections.  My Life has basic free services and advanced subscription services.

There were many other interesting companies to watch out for - here is a list of the top 250.

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Mobile Trends: Part 1 of 2

On July 23rd, I attended the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, 2012 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.  It was on mobile trends and touched areas such as cloud computing, mergers and acquisitions, SaaS services and upcoming mobile startups.

One of the panels was on mobile trends, how existing companies can reinvent themselves for the mobile space and what mobile models are likely to emerge. The panel consisted of the following mobile leaders:

Host: Aaron McDaniel, Sr. Director Business Development, AT&T           Sanjay Poonen, Head of Mobile Division, SAP AG, SAP                                   Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO, Soonr         Laura Yecies, CEO, SugarSync          Kathleen McMahon, VP, Sales & Marketing, SoundHound                                                     Ty Allen, President, MokiMobility

Question: Where are we in mobile industry life cycle?

Sanjay: Of 200,000 SAP customers we have a fraction in mobility so early stage              Martin: at the beginning where we emphasize on ROI and mobile productivity                      Laura: slightly ahead in terms of penetration but not in full usage/diverse usage potential

Question: Where are the most exciting areas of growth?

Ty: evolution in different purpose filled devices – non traditional form factors – example: device to control a tractor                                                                                        Kathleen – auto industry as it’s the largest mobile network and quicker iteration cycles                                                                                                                           Laura – prefers purpose filled devices but wants to stick to standard devices that act differently for various purposes – efficient and less costly                                                                  Martin – word mobility means lots of things (people here have 3 devices – tablet, phone, laptop) so cut down on extras; opportunity most on tablets                                             Sanjay – managing mobile security and diverse complexity; apps reduce paperwork will increase but include better fun filled easy to use interfaces; example: pilots suitcases have lots of paperwork that can be replaced with an iPad

Question: How do cloud and mobile influence each other?

Laura- mobile driving cloud...thank you Steve Jobs for not putting a USB on the iPad                 Kathleen – cross platform connectivity is attractive in cloud                                            Martin- share across devices is critical and cloud does that; cloud ties all devices together       Ty- MokiMobility has found a niche between mobile and cloud but there are tons more that are not explored                                                                                                               Sanjay – build a cloud infrastructure first instead of later

Question: How do existing companies reinvent themselves?

Kathleen – songs were heard first then recorded then we had Shazam and now we have Soundhound                                                                                                               Martin – definition of work is changing – people now work on the train and from home so existing companies should leverage that; cultures influence mobile behaviors like Japanese either work or drink so mobile TV and karaoke apps do well there

Question: Should we think of global first or local first?

Martin – 2 models - build vertical and solve a needor try different use cases and pivot           Laura- Europe was a little behind 10 yrs ago when I worked at Netscape but now it's not like that. If you decide to wait someone else will move into those markets                                  Kathleen – global mindset is a no brainer but what features and strategies to grow is local                                                                                                                              Sanjay – correlation between mobility and population growth – China, India & Brazil – fastest growth will be through phone not tablet in highly populated countries

Question: How do you see AT&T act as a bottleneck?

Sanjay – AT&T should build a network in developing countries                                              Martin – look for shortcuts to market, build awareness                                                        Laura – cost, battery life, security                                                                              Kathleen- bottlenecks are actually in consumer brain bandwidth – consumers concentrate only on 7 apps so to stand out we need to really differentiate, deepen utility one app instead of 7 Sanjay – telepresence experience maps on iPad

Question: What mobile models will emerge?

Sanjay – willing to listen to new models – freemium or free. We should throw traditional models out– models based on traction, engagement on Facebook and Twitter that are adapted to mobile                                                                                                                         Martin – consumer vs. business – willingness to pay for things so that data doesn’t walk out with employees, models flexible to include how data plans evolve, mobile operators have tremendous opportunity, hardware people struggling so many models to include them.                                                                                                                                                                                 Laura- interest and business should be aligned.  Example: monetizing through ads not in consumer interests so not the best model                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kathleen- top line revenue and diversification is key- people will pay for a free version in the future if that is achieved

Question: What is your advice for mobile entrepreneurs?

Ty – look for opportunities that customers are always asking for                                           Kathy – be design driven                                                                                                   Laura – look for life trends – people spending more time with family, etc. and then design                                                                                                                         Martin – use a simple strong use case                                                                              Sanjay – watch how young use (20s) and how kids use mobile apps/devices and learn

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